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Exclusive to Wayside Water Gardens

This ingenious Planting Pocket is manufactured exclusively for Wayside Water Garden and is an ideal solution for people wanting to add marginal pond plants to a fish pond/wildlife pond that does not have any shallow shelves. The 4 pockets can be filled with aquatic compost (approx. 8Lts in total) and be directly planted with your choice of pond marginal plants. The pockets have a 30cm long tag above the pockets which can be either trapped under stones/copings or a turf edging.

To use:
  • Secure the Planting Pocket to the edge of your pond (see above)
  • Simply fill each individual Planting Pockets with approximately 2Lts of aquatic compost
  • Plant up your chosen pond marginal plants into each pocket and top dress with 10mm pea gravel

It is recommended the repot the Planting Pocket with fresh aquatic compost after approximately 4 years to help keep your plants in prime condition.

We would recommend only putting 1 plant per individual pocket to allow each plant to flourish.

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