Wayside Water Gardens pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive and healthiest ranges of freshwater fish both indoors and out. 

We have been specialists in fish keeping for almost 60 years. 

We import hand picked koi carp from Israel each year, which is complimented by the large selection of cold water pond fish we stock. From goldfish to koi, we cater for any size of pond whatever the keepers level of experience. At Wayside Water Gardens we also stock more unusual fish such as Sturgeon and Albino Grass Carp. 

All fish sold have been through our rigorous quarantine process and carry our unique 7-day health guarantee, therefore you can buy with confidence.

Our fish quarantine system:

Koi Carp 
We stock koi carp in sizes 3"-4", 5"-6", 7"-8", 8"-10", 12"-14" and handpicked koi from 14" upwards. Koi are usually available between March and October. Koi require a pond depth of a minimum 3ft and comprehensive filter system.

Handpicked Koi Carp
Here are a few examples of our individually priced hand picked Israeli koi. For more up to date photos, please check out our Facebook page here.



Pond Fish 
Wayside Water Gardens stock a comprehensive range of pond fish. The four colours of goldfish: comets (orange), canary (yellow), shubunkins (blue) and sarasa (red) are kept in stock all year in 3"-4" and 5"-6". The following pond fish are regularly stocked too: Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Golden Rudd, Green Tench, Golden Tench, Albino Sterlets, Diamond Tip Sturgeon, Albino Grass Carp, Mirror Carp. These are available to purchase between March and October.  

Nature Pond Fish 
We aim to keep Stickleback and minnows in stock from April to September (please contact us to check availability). These are great low maintenance fish; a small population in a pond will live exclusively off the insects within the pond. They are shy fish, which makes them harder for birds of prey to spot, therefore no need to net the surface of the pond. They require either a large quantity of oxygenating plant (such as Hornwort)  to equate to about a 1/3 of the volume of the pond (which would act as a filter) or a small pump & filter system.

Coldwater Aquarium Fish
We stock a selection of fancy goldfish, including orandas and black moors from 1" up to 4"-5". These fancy goldfish are only suitable for aquariums as they are not hardy enough for most outdoor ponds. Our selection changes regularly throughout the year. These fish are available to purchase all year round.

Wayside Water Gardens fish purchases are covered by our unique 7 day health guarantee.