At Wayside, we sell fish food from all your favourite brands and our very own range of high-quality fish food. Our most popular foods are floating stick and pellets and a fish flake which is great for natural ponds, fry and goldfish. In most ponds, it's advisable to feed a floating stick or pellet so you can monitor if everything is being eaten and remove what isn't to prevent uneaten fish food polluting the water quality.

Most pellets are available in various sizes and pack sizes so there's something for every fish. In addition to floating foods, we also have a great range of wheatgerms, sinking food and sturgeon and tench food.

Most pond fish will be happy being fed once or twice a day through the summer months, but for individual recommendations read the food packaging or ask your friendly team.

Fish Treats

Yamitsu Koi Cakes  have been made as a treat for fish and can be hand fed to Koi or other large c..


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