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Wayside Water Gardens Ltd stock one of the largest selections of pond plants in the north. We are proud to have Anglo Aquatic Plant Co as one of our main plant suppliers. (Anglo Aquatic are an RHS Hampton Court winning grower that have won more Tudor Rose Awards than any other company).

At the shop here we have available Oxygenating Plants in both 9cm pots, 2Lt aquatic baskets and in weighted bunches. Our established Water Lilies are in 3.5Lt aquatic baskets with the miniatures in 1Lt pots and from May onwards are often in flower. Marginals plants are supplied in 9cm, 1Lt and 3Lt hex baskets. Bog plants and Floating plants are also available. In Season most plants are kept in stock, but all can be ordered on a weekly basis.

New for 2021 is a section devoted purely to British Native plants, ideal for you wildlife pond.

All our plants are available to the general public, landscape contractors, Schools and Local Authorities.

Advice is always available and freely given to meet individual customers needs.

Online Marginal/Bog Garden plants are supplied in 9cm pots, Lilies in 1L pots and Oxygenating plants either as bunches or 9cm pots. As the season progresses, more varieties will be available and in stock. Please see our range below:


Exclusive to Wayside Water GardensThis ingenious Lily Sack is an ideal solution for people wantin..


Exclusive to Wayside Water GardensPlanting Socks are a cost-effective way of planting Marginal po..


Alba Water LilyNymphea AlbaBritain's only native water lily has handsome, green foliage and white, b..


Apache BeadsAnemopsis californicumIt has beautiful, white scented flowers and broad, dark green leav..


ArrowheadSagittaria sagittifoliaLong, arrow-shaped leaves. White flowers with dark purple, almost bl..


Arum Lily / Calla LilyZantedeschia aethiopica 'Crowborough'Glossy, arrow-shaped leaves, large, white..


Attraction Water LilyNymphaea 'Attraction'The large, deep rose-red blooms of this very popular, free..


Blue Eyed Grass Sisyrinchium bellumClump forming perennial, with short pointed leaves and blue-..


Bog ArumCalla palustrisA rambling plant with heart-shaped leaves, white flowers are followed by brig..


Bog Bean Menyanthes trifoliata A rambling plant with trifoliate, olive-green foliage that ..


Bog PimpernelAnagallis tenellaForms a dense carpet of tiny leaves, mixed with numerous rosy-pink flo..


Brass Buttons / Golden ButtonsCotula coronopifoliaA pretty, creeping plant with numerous, bright yel..


Brooklime / Water Speedwell Veronica beccabunga Very prolific, succulent plant, having smo..


Canadian PondweedElodea CanadensisNative to North America, this fast growing oxygenator is very effi..


Cardinal Flower / Scarlet FlowerLobelia cardinalisBest planted near the water edge to reflect the gl..


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