A flexible hose is becoming the most popular way of plumbing in pond filters and waterfalls. This pipe can be paid and bend to any shape and moved at any time as it's only secured with clips and nothing more permanent. We sell 6 sizes in 2 grades, all by the metre. The maximum length is 30m. In addition to the pipe itself, you can also find clips, hosetails and joiners online.

Solvent weld fittings and pipework are strong, last a lifetime and are glued together with solvent cement to prevent any chase of leaks. This pipework is typically used with the plumbing of bay filters, bottom drains, drum filters and the return of water from a box filter. Fittings are available in sizes from 1.25" to 4". You can also use rubber boot fittings if you do need a little more flexibility and the option to change your mind.

Finally, we stock a range bottom drains from 2" to 4" and valves (ball valves and slide valves) which are essential in the building of some ponds. Valves can also be used to control the flow of a pump if it's too powerful. We also have a large range of tank connectors and tank liner connectors so you can run pipework through the side of a tank or a pond liner with the risk of leaks.

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