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Wayside's revolutionary Filter Bags, remove 90% of solid fish waste & suspended particles therefore helping to 'polish' the water and remove even finer particles than sieve or drum filters. Filter bags work mechanically but do not work biologically so must only be used in conjunction with a biological filter ie. one containing foam, alfagrog, flocor etc.

Used exclusively by ourselves & now available to our customers in 3 sizes. Designed to be disposable but can be washed once or twice. 

Instructions for use

Always fit the filter bag onto the inside of the inlet fitting (on some makes of filter you may need to remove a spray bar but this is very easily done). Filter bags can be secured easily with a tie wrap. It is important that there is enough room in the top of the filter to allow the bag to expand.

In time the filter bag will begin to block and you will notice the water flow starts to slow. Now is the time to clean or replace the bag. The first few bags may require more regular cleaning, but soon, as the suspended particles have been removed, this will become less frequent and you should then be able to last a few  weeks between cleans.

Filter Bag Size;

QTY. 10 x 550mm x 400mm x 50mm inlet

Exclusive to Wayside Water Gardens

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