Hire & Services

Available in store only

Water Quality Testing £4

Fish Scrape & check-up – free

UV bulb fitting - £5 *

Water pump testing (purchased from us) – free *

Pond Vacuum Hire 

Pond Holding Tank Hire

Flow Meter Hire

* Parts are additional cost. These services cannot be carried out whilst you wait during busy spells and we may ask you to leave equipment with us and collect at a later time/date. We are often very busy all day Saturday, all day Sunday and 12pm-2pm Mon-Fri.

We can also give free advice on:

- Pond construction from natural looking wildlife ponds to formal raised koi ponds

- Pond Filters and which is best suited for your pond and needs 

- Problem solving any pond related issues

- Fish health and appropriate treatments

- Pond plants advise including which are best suited to your pond

- Waterfalls, watercourses and water blades 

- Water features including the self-contained patio features

- And just about anything else pond or water feature related! We’d like to think we’ve been asked it all over the years and there’s no such thing as a daft question when you’re learning! We are here to help.

Water Quality Testing - Chargeable

If you are losing fish, or have fish which are unwell and/or displaying unusual behaviour, the first thing to check is the water quality. Please bring a sample of pond water in store. We require around 400ml which is approximately the same as a jam jar. The test takes around 10-15minutes to get a result and is chargeable.

We test your pond water for:

- Ammonia NH³

- Nitrite NO²

- Nitrate NO³

- PH

From this we can tell how healthy your pond is, and frequently identify the cause of any fish health problems. We can also give advice on how to correct the levels to ensure you have a healthy eco system going forward.

If your water test comes back with good results yet you have unhealthy fish, we will usually recommend bringing a fish in for a scrape test. See below for more information on this.

Fish Scrape & checkup – free for our local customers

The best way to check for microscopic parasites is to bring a live fish in a bucket of water (or very recently deceased fish) to us. We can then take a small amount of mucus from the fish to place under the microscope. This does not harm the fish.

Under the microscope we can inspect for parasites and if present, we can advise on appropriate treatment.

Pond Vacuum Hire - Please note we are in Oldcotes, local to Worksop at S818HT and postal hire is not available.

Hiring a pond vacuum for a day is a cost effective way to clean the bottom of your pond.

The extendable nozzle allows you to reach the bottom of a pond up to 2m deep. Discharge the sludge and water down the drain, onto your garden etc.

Deposit: £60

Hire charge: £25 per day

We hire out the OASE Pondovac Classic as standard which we highly recommend be used on a regular basis. 

Hire starts at 10am and the vacuum must be returned before 5pm. However, if you wanted a head start, you’re welcome to collect the vac 5pm the day before for no additional cost. Please phone us to book the pond vac 01909 731367. 

Pond Holding Tank Hire

We have a range of rigid plastic holding tanks available for hire. These are self-supporting and great for keeping fish safe during a pond rebuild/redesign or simply a deep clean! Hire costs are based on collection (local delivery would be additional cost). Please phone us to book the hire tanks 01909 731367

50gal (227L)          £40 deposit £5 per day or £20 per week

100gal (455L)          £40 deposit £5 per day or £20 per week

275gal (1251L)              £70 deposit            £8 per day or £40 per week

500gal (2275L, 6ft diameter) £70 deposit £8 per day or £40 per week

Flow Meter Hire - Please note we are in Oldcotes, local to Worksop at S818HT and postal hire is not available.

The best way to know exactly how much water is in your pond is to measure it when it first fills up. This brass flow meter plugs into your hose pipe and measures the volume of water passing through it. We have this available for hire for £5 per day (£20 deposit).