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The North's leading Water Garden Centre. Established 50 years ago in a beautifully landscaped valley setting and still family run. Wayside Water Gardens are specialists in Koi Carp ponds and nature ponds which include Rigid and flexible lined Ponds, Pumps, Filters and Pond Lighting as well as an enviable selection of award winning Water Lilies and Aquatic Pond Plants. All varieties of outdoor coldwater fish including Koi Carp from 4"-24" are available plus a super selection of indoor coldwater and tropical fish. Our professional and friendly staff are trained to give you the best advice and will help you to find the correct equipment for your needs.

Wayside Water Gardens offer everything you would need to create a modest water feature to the largest lake and supplying to the general public as well as local authorities, hospitals, schools, public houses and hotels, ideally placed and within easy reach of Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster. WELL WORTH A VISIT.

Don't forget to stock up on your Winter Wheatgerm fish foods this Autumn.

This food is best fed to fish when the pond temerature drops to 10 ºC and is more easily digested by the fish in cold weather and helps prevent digestive bloat.

Pond Netting Time!

Check your pond netting for holes before leaves start to fall. We have lots of pre-cut sizes available for mail order or cut off the roll here at Wayside.


Oase ClearDrain and MudDrain drainage pumps.

These are high quality, reliable, sump pumps with automatic float switches, ideal for pumping flood water, swimming pools and garden pond clean outs. All have a 2+1 year guarantee and are available for immediate dispatch or come into our shop and see for yourself.

ProMax MudDrain 20000ProMax MudDrain 7000ProMax ClearDrain 7000ProMax ClearDrain 14000

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Oase's New Proficlear Premium Compact Koi pond filter now in stock.

To view our pre-priced Timber Pond Kits CLICK HERE

If you would like help regarding any of the products we stock including Pond Supplies, Pond Pumps and Filters, Fish food or water features please feel free to contact us on 01909 731367.


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Latest News

Live E.A. K1 / Oase Hel-x 13 Bio media for new Koi Pond Filters
During Spring 2017 Wayside Water Gardens will be introducing an innovative new service for our customers which should help solve an old problem of trying to quickly mature a Nexus or Oase Proficlear moving bed filter. As a lot of people are aware, when you purchase your new moving bed Koi pond filter it is recommended to first soak the K1 or Hel-x media in Potassium Permanganate to help remove the oil coating which is applied during the manufacturing process. If this is not done then it will take weeks for the coating to naturally disperse and will lengthen the time it will takes bacteria... read more
Pond netting time again!
  Pond Netting Are you ready for Autumn? Dont forget to check your pond netting for holes. If you require a new piece we have several pre-cut sizes available, complete with 10 netting pegs. Click on the image below to see all our stocked sizes.   read more
Winter Wheatgerm Koi and Goldfish food.
  Don't forget to stock up on your Winter Wheatgerm fish foods this Autumn. This food is best fed to fish when the pond temerature drops to 10 ºC and is more easily digested by the fish in cold weather and helps prevent digestive bloat. Click on the image to see the range. read more
Kockney Koi Yamitsu U.V. Spares.
Wayside water Gardens are stockists of Kockney Koi Yamitsu Pond U.V.'s and also carry a comprehensive range of spare parts for these, Oase, TMC Proclear and many other makes. All available to buy online or in-store. U.V. Quartz sleeves are also available, but we recommend collecting in-store due to potential damage in transit. Click on the image below to see the range. read more
Atlantis Nevada and Marlin Seconds Ponds
Wayside Water Gardens has just had delivered more Seconds ponds, direct from Atlantis. We have 2 x Marlins and 1 x Nevada (see prices on images below). All are factory repaired seconds with full Atlantis warranties. read more
Atlantis Niigata Fibreglass Koi Pond.
Wayside Water Gardens has in stock 1 only Atlantis Niigata glassfibre ponds which is £999.95 collected (delivery quotes available). This represents a huge saving over the regular price of over £1600. These ponds are seconds ponds supplied directly to us from the manufacturers and carry a full warranty. read more
Koi are Spawning. Don't forget your Rasta Spawning Mop.
Rasta Spawning Mop. An ideal solution when breeding fish have no natural plant life to spawn on. Simply hang the Rasta mop over the side of the pond (in shallow water) during April - September (breeding season) When fish spawn they will leave hundreds or thousands of tiny pinhead sized clear eggs all over the mop. For best results then move the Rasta mop into another fish free pool or growing on tank for the eggs to hatch. Hatching takes place in around 7 - 14 days depending on water temperature.   Exclusive to Wayside Water Gardens read more
Oase Filtoclear pressure filters.
The Oase Filtoclear range of pressurized pond filters are one of our more popular ranges of pond filters. With suitability for ponds up to 3300gallons (15000lts) for goldfish or 1650gallons (7500lts) for Koi, they can make a very attractive option particularly were space is an issue. All are fitted with powerful Philips U.V. bulbs for the clearest of water. To view our range CLICK HERE read more
Time to change your pond U.V. bulbs.
Now the days are starting to lengthen and the algae starts to grow back in your pond it is advisable to fit a new Pond U.V. Bulb. Most bulbs give out their maximum U.V. light over the first 6 months, so after 12 months are doing very little. Wayside Water Gardens stock a comprehensive range of Pond U.V. Bulbs. Available to purchase in-store or online. For our full range of Pond U.V. Bulbs CLICK HERE. read more