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Exclusive to Wayside Water Gardens

This ingenious Lily Sack is an ideal solution for people wanting to grow water lilies in a pond with larger fish and koi. The lily Sack will protect the rooting system of the lily & prevent the Koi from digging out the plant which happens regularly as they dig in the baskets looking for food.

To use:
  • Simply fill the Lily Sack with approximately 15 litres of aquatic compost
  • Bed the Water Lily root into the compost with the stem & leaves left out through the open top
  • Pull the drawstring cord & secure, allowing only a 4" hole for the plant to grow through
  • Lower the Lily Sack slowly into the pond, down to no deeper than 30"

It is recommended the repot lilies every 2-3 years as they do grow rapidly. The plant may need to be split and put into several different lily sacks as it grows. 

Use one Lily Sack per plant, we do not recommend putting more than 1 lily in this planting sack.

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