Feeding Wheatgerm During Autumn and Winter

Now is the time to get your Autumn and Winter foods ready for the change in weather. Pond fish cannot digest high protein summer fish food easily when the pond temperatures drop below 10ºc. By switching to lower protein, high wheatgerm foods your fish will get all the nutrition they require without causing any digestive problems such as digestive bloat. This food can be fed throughout the winter when the fish are active and will prevent the fish losing too much weight, which can then cause further problems in early Spring with underweight fish suffering from fungus and parasite problems.

For the best fish health we only recommend stoping feeding when fish show no interest in food whatsoever, this tends to only happen when the water temperature goes below 5ºc. If your fish are active and looking for food, and importantly eating all the food provided, then make sure you only feed Wheatgerm if your water is less than 10ºc. We do sell a thermometer if you need one to monitor your water temperature. You can view the Pontec product by clicking here.

Stock up on your Winter Wheatgerm fish foods now. We are now stocking Tetra Pond Winter Wheatgerm sticks, Kockney Koi Winter Wheatgerm pellets and NT Labs Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic in various pellet sizes. We have a good amount of all wheatgerm foods in several pack sizes.

All can be purchased online and don't forget we have free delivery on all orders over £60.

Click here to see the range.

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