750mm Water Blade with 2" Threaded Rear Inlet


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The 750mm stainless steel sheer descent creates an attractive blade of water flowing over the front lip.  Requires a 9000 LPH pump to power.

This extended water blade is made in stainless steel and has a brushed finish, and has a 2" threaded BSP (female) rear input. The water pools in the bottom of the blade and then overflows evenly over the front edge giving a full sheet of water and creating a smooth splash. The blade must be installed level to create an even flow of water across the width of the blade.  The flow of water reduces as the height of the water blade is increased – ensure the pump used has the right capacity for the desired height of the sheer descent.

The extended sheer descents have a rear entry inlet for the water – the pipework has to connect to the water blade from the pump situated in the reservoir.  The reservoir should be on a firm base with sufficient support around the sides and edges. Only use stainless steel fixings, brackets, hose clips when installing this feature. The Extended Sheer Descent water blade can be used in many internal and external locations.

This water blade is also completely safe to use on a pond. We have a range of fittings to connect this water blade to a flexible hose or solvent weld pipework. If you'd like to purchase the male threaded connection for 2" solvent weld pipe then click here. From 2" solvent fittings can be used to reduce the pipe diameter or change the pipework type to flexi hose.

Available at extra cost an LED light strips added to the sheer descent gives a stunning effect as the water comes over the blade.  The light strip has 10 metres of cable and clips into the back of the feature.

Lights, hose kit & reservoirs also available at additional cost.

The LED lights can be viewed by clicking here.

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