Cloverleaf Aqua-Vet+ Medication


Professional medication for your fish

As temperatures begin to rise, fish can be more exposed to parasitic infestations and secondary bacterial infections. This can cause disease & mortality in your pond fish.

Unfortunately, parasites are becoming more stubborn and difficult to clear using conventional broader range treatments. Therefore, it is becoming more effective to identify the exact parasite that your fish are suffering with and use a specific targeted treatment.

Identifying parasites requires a sample of the fish’s mucus to be looked at under a microscope. The practice of scraping fish is becoming more common amongst hobbyists willing to invest in their own microscope. Alternatively, here at Wayside Water Gardens, we can carry out fish scrapes and help identify parasites that may be present on your fish.

The range of Cloverleaf Aqua Vet + is a fantastic range of medication for individually targeting the most common parasites. Each medication is available in 3 different sizes, meaning they cater for a variety of pond sizes. The range of pack sizes are also aimed at helping fish keepers administer the correct dosage more easily without having to weigh out the treatment.

It is important that you remember to test your water before applying any medication to your ponds. Fish will always respond better to treatments in good quality water and adding treatments when the water is not good can have adverse effects on your fish.

Cloverleaf Aqua-Vet + medication will not harm pond plants or wildlife but you must keep filters and air pumps running throughout the treatment to ensure plenty of oxygen.

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