NT Labs MediKoi Junior Health 750g 3mm


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Medikoi Health is a complete feed for all pond fish, containing high-quality, natural ingredients to help keep the immune system of your fish primed to fight off disease. In particular, the inclusion of Stimune and the beta-glucans it contains supports the continued formation of white blood cells, the most important part of any immune system. Medikoi Health also contains propolis, a natural product made by bees, a specially formulated blend of herbs, and is packed full of vitamins and minerals to keep your fish healthy all year round. Feed Medikoi Health in combination with Medikoi Staple to achieve your brightest, healthiest fish.

Contains key components:

  • Stimune – a special formulation of beta-glucans, designed to support the immune system and maintain healthy liver function.
  • Propolis – a natural product found in bee hives, which supports fish during their recovery from infection.
  • Herbs – a unique blend of nutraceutical, naturally occurring herbs to help maintain resistance to infection.

Recommended feeding:

  • For beautiful, healthy fish, alternate feeding to include Medikoi Health for 3 weeks followed by Medikoi Staple for 2 weeks, and so on.
  • Feed twice daily during the growing season, a quantity that fish will likely consume within 10 minutes.
  • In winter, feed only once per day. Alternatively, feed your fish Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic during these colder months.
  • Do not feed if fish are dormant in very cold weather below 8°C.
  • Do not overfeed.
  • Keep contents sealed in original packaging away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry environment.

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Wheat Flour, Soya, Wheat, Poultry Meal, Corn Gluten, Fish Meal, Monocalcium Phosphate, Lecithin, Wheatgerm, Yeast-derived Product (Stimune), Propolis, Herbs.


Protein 33%, Fat Content 5%, Crude Fibre 1.8%, Inorganic Matter 6.2%.


Per Kg: A 11000 IU, C 250 mg, D3 2600 IU, E 200 mg, Stimune 1000 mg, Propolis 200 mg, Herb Extract 40 mg, EEC permitted preservatives and antioxidants.