Lotus Green Reset 100


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Lotus Green Reset is a new range of pressure filters from Lotus Water Garden Products designed for larger ponds.

These new pressurised UVC Bio -Filters are available in two models;

Green Reset 60

Green Reset 100

First the water is forced through the sponges (mechanical filtration) and then through the Bio-Balls (Biological filtration). These actions, combined with 2 x 25w UVC clarifier lamps, achive crystal clear pond water.

What makes the Green Reset unique is how it simplifies maintenance operations. Anyone can carry them out in just 3 easy steps!

  • Lift the handle on the top of the cover
  • Turn the lateral grip handles in the "cleaning" position, then turn the flow selector handle.
  • Push the big handle down so as to squeeze the internal sponges, and repeat several times until the exiting water starts to run clear.
  • Return handles to their original positions.

Suitable for ponds;

Nature ponds; 30000lts (6600gallons)

Goldfish ponds; 15000lts (3300gallons)

Koi ponds; 7500lts (1650gallons)