Kockney Koi Yamitsu Mega Max Filter with 30w U.V.


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Suitable for ponds with Koi  9100 litres (2000 galls) 
Flow rate maximum  9100 lph (2000 gph) 
Filter foams  4
 Floss layer 1
U.V. Clarifier  30watt
Inlet fitting  11/2" solvent weld + multi hose tail  
Outlet fitting  2 x 2" solvent weld 
Bio media  Flocor
Drain off Yes


A excellent box filter with plenty of filter media. As with all pump fed box filters this must be installed at the highest part of the pond as the water must flow down hill back to the pond.


 30w Philips T8 U.V. Bulb

Need a new U.V. bulb for this filter? CLICK HERE. 


Need replacement filter sponges for this filter?